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I have been going to Winne Cain for thai massage since 1999. She is the undisputed thai instuctor in Arizona, maybe the world! One session and you will see and feel the difference!

My mother who is 80 had never had a massage in her life, let alone a thai massage. After Winnie spent an hour my mother felt like a new person. Her back was flexible, there was skip in her step and she raved about Winner to all of her friends. I was never hesitate to recommend Winnie to any person, regardless of their age, as regular thai massage keeps you fit and young!

Jovan Millico

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Winnie Cain Thai Massage Tour Ripoff!

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If you are interested in learning Thai massage by going to Thailand, do NOT do so with Winnie Cain. Her instruction is terrible and her trip is a rip off.

She is unable to teach basic background, implications and body mechanics of Thai massage. She is also quick to insult and demean her students in a very unprofessional manner.

The accommodations of the trip are unsafe and extremely unsanitary (meaning rats in your bedroom). Also there is no guidance provided or care for the well-being of the students. You can expect to pretty much be abandoned to wander the dangerous streets of Thailand alone and with no idea of where to go.

Also, the trip is way overpriced. The hotels are dirty and in terrible locations and the "tours" provided are awful.

Don't waste your money!!!

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Let me introduce Terry= Truck driver, no matters, when she got mad the only thing she know is the *** word!!so I will never get her opinion about learning Thai, because she cant perform the Thai massage, if you pay for a trainning is because you are going to learn.

Whom cares about pictures.



I went on this trip ..November 2009. I researched it before I went, so I would be prepared. Winnie also replied to all the e-mails everyone sent with questions and concerns they had. She was asked by Patty and Heather about what to bring the host families. She told them, tooth paste, tooth bruchses, anything. These people are poor and they literally have nothing.

She then told them that the shower facility was a tank of water in the village that had a spigot to fill a pan of water to splash on yourself. We were told to bring first aide kits, bug net/spray, handi wipes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, batteries, flash light, sheets, etc. I vern brought my own port-a=potty. If that doesn't tell you what to expect then you're an ***.

The money from these trips have helped build a 25 bed hostel. Torary International jointed Winnie in this venture and assisted in the project. I have been a Rotarian for 9 yrs. It is a way to give back to your community and the world. Something the girls on this trip should learn.

Rotary is a world wide service club that is over 100 yrs old.

We did many worderful things on this trip including the Thai Massage training. I have over 1400 pictures showing everyone having a good time. They should all be ashamed of themselves. No one was ever in danger on this trip. We had free time as well as scheduled activies. The people who went on this trip should sit and look at their own pictures. Then maybe they will realize all the beauty that was in front of them.

I could go on and on about this trip in so many ways...about all the good.

Let me just finish by saying that I went to court with Winnie against Patty, Heather and Jodi. The Judge's rulled against all of them and dismissed the cases.


The people that is defending Winnie, were not in the trip. Talk to the people that went in the trip October 2009 and you get the real true> if you want to help people do it directly, dont trust people like Winnie you never know were the money goes.Dont waste money and time. Do your homework and be smart


There are some many good intructors out there.Dont get fool by the comments, the trainning sucks she does'not how to teach.


I am aware of the situation and know that Patricia made up these allegations because she was more into being a tourist than to actually help out the Akha people.When you sign up for a tour in RURAL Thailand, don't be expecting to have fine dinning and five star hotels.

All of the information was given out in e-mails and in the brochures beforehand, so it was her own fault for not picking something more suited to her wants.

Winnie Cain has worked so hard to set up a great program to help out the Akha people.No other group has done as much for them, and it is important to support her, not to ruin her hard-earned reputation with false charges.


Sadly, Winnie fails to mention that Patricia and Heater were not the only two disappointed travelers. Six of the seven group members were extremely upset with the poor training, inadequate accomidations and the overall experience. The reason everyone chose this trip was due to Winnies strong reputation, but everyone was very disappointed...definitely not worth the time or money.


Winnie Cain is the greatest thai massge instructor in Arizona and maybe the world!

I have been going to her since 1999 and have recommended her to hundred's of my friends.


Patricia Sotomayor and Heather Blascak took me to small claims court.The case was dismissed.

They paid $2,995 for the trip. It included airfare from LA,to Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Phuket, all of the accomodations, tours, all of the food for two weeks and 60 hours of Thai massage. In the States I charge $900. for that course.

It was a 23 day tour. We left Oct 30 and returned Nov.

21st.Check with your travel agent to see what this trip would cost.


Winnie love you long time!

What you want, ladyman?

You shut up - fat greedy American. :(



Patricia Sotomayor and her companion, Heather Blascak, massage therapist at the D C Ranch Village Health Club and Spa in Scottsdale, AZ interviewed me extensively about the Thai Massage Homeland Tour before signing up for it.The complaints are unfounded.

I have all of the documentation sent to them.

Such as flyers, webpages, map and tour infomation, itinerary, names of hotels, email to Patricia describing the conditions in the Akha village. I taught 60 hours of Thai massage. I arranged, planned the trip and taught all as a volunteer. All of this information is available to you.

After receiving the details, check with your own travel agent for what a trip like this would cost you.


It seems to me that Patricia is out to get something for nothing.All conditions of the trip were carefully explained.

If she wasn't up for a primitive experience in Thailand she shouldn't have signed up for it! I have been to several of the places with Winnie that Patricia calls DANGEROUS. That is a bunch of baloney. The people there are generally very kind and helpful.

I didn't have a single scarey moment there. I could't say the same about Chicago! And about wandering the streets alone, I hear that is just what she wanted to do-go shopping. Winnie Cain has been taking students there for over a decade.

She is a master instructor. She uses the money from these trips to help out the Akha people. She is not doing it for her own profit.

She is very experienced.For more information see

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